Our company

Al-an tricot developed from the experience of hand-made knitting, but soon evolved into a modern company able to offer the market an avant-garde product. The experience, technical professionality and quality of our human resources give our garments characteristics which enable us to please the requests of the most demanding market. Al-an tricot boasts a collaboration with the biggest companies world-wide, giving a leading contribution in maintaining “made in italy” in the fashion sector.

The productive process

From the passion for tricot knitting a winning synergy was born between craftsmanship and modernity, projecting the company to maximise its strong points.

Al-an tricot - i disegnoThanks to the competence and creativity of our stylists we are able to satisfy the most demanding customers.
al-an tricot prgettazioneThe production part is a meticulous project supported by constant research points given by the styling office.
tabs_smacchinaturaAl-an tricot boasts a fleet of avant-garde machinery which go from STOLL ADF-3 F.18 e F.14 to F.12, F.8, F.5 e F.3 with internal programmes M1-S1 STOLL e SHIMA APEX 3.
tabs_confezionamentoThe inner packaging guarantees: protype and samples for production, quality control even on semi-working, ironing and packaging relative spedition to the end client.

Al-an tricot